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About Us

Norchain.io was founded by a group of IT professionals in Jan. 2018. It growed more and more international through competitions and hackathons. Together we study and practice emerging technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, cybersecurity, IoT, mobile internet and anything interesting with the potential to bring the changes to industries and our lives.

  1. Techology Oriented - To study and practise emerging technologies is the core target. Our topics and projects are based on technical feasibility. Hyping is not appreciated. 
  2. Event Driven - Most members have full-time jobs or running their own businesses. We group up with own initiatives for competitions, hackathons, and Github projects in part-time.
  3. Business Matters - Members are encouraged to explore business opportunities through the ideas and projects. 

The Projects

Check out our ideas and projects sparkled in competitions and hackathons.

NEO of Things

NEOT(NEO of Things) is a blockchain project to manage IoT devices with decentralized manner. It won rank 29th in NEO's Global Developer Competition. [Learn More]

Carry Battle

Carry Battle is a blockchain card game and is going live soon. It won Technical Effects Big Award in 1st NEO Blockchain Game Developer Competition. [Learn More]


Devourer is a turn based blockchain game. It won Nominee Award in 1st NEO Blockchain Game Developer Competition.[Learn More]


Neunity is a framework providing the toolset and workflow to increase the development effiency for NEO Smart Contracts (SC) and C# Dapps.[Learn More]


Asymmentropy is a mechanism to cloak user behavior during certain period on blockchain. Very helpful to avoid dispute on PoS based blockchains. Already won two awards.[Learn More]

Community Database 

By utilizing blockchain tech, it's possible to build open databases with the community's collaboration independent from internet tycoons. [Learn More]

Events & Awards

Project Event Result
NEOT NEO's Global Developer Competition (by NEO & Microsoft) 29th out of 400+ global teams
Carry Battle 1st NEO Blockchain Game Developer Competition Technical Effects Big Award
Devourer 1st NEO Blockchain Game Developer Competition Nominee Award
Asymmentropy Lottery 1st NEO Blockchain Game Developer Competition Nominee Award
Asymmentropy CoZ Competition #3 Global #6 ($8k USD)
Community Database Elevate Hackathon, Toronto 25th position
Carry Battle

Blockchain game Carry Battle won Technical Effects Big Award in 1st NEO Blockchain Game Developer Competition.
Sept. 2018

Elevate Techfest 2018

Members are hacking during Elevate Techfest 2018, Toronto.
Sept. 2018

China Mobile Research Institute

Technology exchange with China Mobile Research Institute in Beijing.
Mar. 2018


Liqing and Max as the speakers of Blockfest in U. of Toronto. 
Oct. 2018

Meet Our Team

Our members come from Canada, US, China and India. Ping us if you want to be a part.

Liqing Pan
- Indepth knowledge of distributed ledger technology and consensus algorithms. Practitioner of Ethereum/NEO/ONT Dapps.
- 8-year exp. in leading mobile/web application developer team
- Holder of Stanford machine learning/deep learning certifications. Advanced knowledge about DNN/CNN.

Terrance Rao
- 9+ years experience senior full-stack software developer. Solid skills in 3D knowledge - Unity3D, OpenGL, Cocos2dx, design architecture and design pattern.
- Experience in data structures, algorithms and all phases of the project life cycle: user specifications, design, development, QA, implementation and testing

Evens Yang
- Expert in game producing, especially in design and user experience.
- More than 10 million active users.
- Over 15-year experience in game industry.
- Rich project experiences always with unique views and creative ideas.

Max Weinberg
- Blockchain expert. Indepth knowledge and success investor of the cryptocurrency market. 
- Serving major bank Canada. Generate requirements for the purpose of app development. 
- Holder of ITIL and BMC Certifications

Kris Chen
- 10 years experience of enterprise application development in Canadian financial industry and Content Material Publishing industry.  
- Experience in developing NEO/ONT dApps for industry realization with distributed ledger technologies.  

Zhenjiang Liu
- Experience in Ethereum development.
- Expert iOS and Java programmer including distributed system technologies.
- Front end experience with Bootstrap, AngularJS, etc.

Matthew Li
- Blockchain expert with hands-on experience in developing NEO/Ethereum smart contract.
- Senior iOS Development Consultant. Proven Skills in designing mobile app.
- Certified Practitioner of Scaled Agile Framework.

Carl Liang
- Unity expert with beyond 5+ years experience
- Senior engineer in Android and iOS platform.
- Good at math and physics
- Skillful in designing mobile app with great user experience.

Jordan Zhao
- Years overall experience of product management, especially in localization&game industry.
- Strong working knowledge of localization&game cycle and understanding of quality assurance practices.

Chris Sun
- 2-year experience in film production.
- 8-year experience in game production.
- Designer of many PC and mobile games.
- Advanced skills in Unity, cocos2d, 3Dmax, maya, etc.

Bin Jiang
- Advanced data analytics, NLP, ML/DL skills such as CNN, RNN, LSTM, etc.
- 17 years of experience to implement solutions/applications for the financial, telecom and government agency.

Satish Birajdar
- 6+ years experience as Senior Mobile Development Consultant. 
- Certified Machine Learning, from Stanford University
- NEO smart contract. Cryptocurrency investor and blockchain specialist.

Qiaofeng Guo
- Expertise in all phases of SDLC, analysis, design, development, testing, deployment and support.
- Strong knowledge for BI, Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Spark, Scala, Yarn, Data Lake, Oozie, Hive, etc.

Hope you to be the next one to bring more talent to our team. [Email us]

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Email: info@norchain.io  
Phone: +1 (647) 673 8821